Wave Distro, a leading name in the distribution of audio hardware products, is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with Quagliardi Pro Audio, an innovative Argentinian audio hardware company. This collaboration marks a significant step in Wave Distro’s mission to bring top-tier audio solutions to a global market.

Founded in 2020 by engineer Tomas Quagliardi, Quagliardi Pro Audio has swiftly made its mark in the Argentinian market, renowned for its dedication to crafting high-quality audio hardware. In just three years, the company has developed an impressive portfolio of over ten diverse products, including 500 series modules, 500 series chassis, DI/reamp boxes, and in-line mic preamps. Additionally, Quagliardi is currently working on several exciting new designs.

Wave Distro is proud to stand as Quagliardi’s global distributor, offering comprehensive sales and marketing support to expand the brand to the international pro audio market. In addition to distribution, Wave Distro will also be assembling Quagliardi’s products at their New Jersey facility. This unique arrangement allows for the products to proudly bear the distinction of being “Designed in Argentina, Made in USA.”

The global launch will kick off with three flagship products – the 501+ Preamp 500 Module, the 576 Compressor 500 Module, and the Colorbox DI. These products are just the first phase, with more phases set to roll out throughout the year, eventually making the entire Quagliardi product lineup available internationally.

This partnership is not just a business venture – Wave Distro has always championed for brands with unique story, much like their own and show passion and dedication to innovation in the pro audio industry. Quagliardi is no exception.