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Quagliardi Pro Audio is an Argentina based company dedicated to the design and manufacture of high-end audio equipment for studio and stage. 
Founded in 2020 by Tomás Quagliardi, it already has a range of products in its catalog that have found their place in iconic studios within the Argentine music scene.


This powerful 500 series module delivers a clear and transparent response at low and medium gains while adding a distinctive and colorful character when pushed into saturation. Equipped with a permalloy transformer and the legendary 2520 operational amplifier. Additionally, it features a combo connector on the front panel, allowing you to connect an alternate low-impedance XLR or a high-impedance instrument in DI mode.


Inspired by the legendary UREI 1176, the 576 FET Compressor is a 500 series module that honors the classic sound of compression that marked a turning point in the history of music, while incorporating new controls to further enhance its versatility. This module is ideal for both processing audio channels during recording and for use on the mix bus, thanks to its Link stereo control, allowing it to be used in conjunction with another 576 FET Compressor module.


The ColorBox DI is a sturdy stereo passive direct box equipped with Quagliardi audio transformers, whose permalloy cores provide a smooth and warm sound reminiscent of the finest vintage equipment. They feature ground lift and a 20dB input attenuator for each channel.