Audio authority Craig Anderton, in his annual post-AES roundup "Anderton Awards", says: "The winner of the highly-coveted I'm Going to Write a Check Right After the Show award was picked up by Empirical Labs for their FATSO processor. You too can add girth, breadth and depth to your masters, and it sounds soooo fine..."


From EQ Magazine's Annual Editor's Choice Awards, the Blue Ribbon Award for Best New Signal Processor: "Empirical Labs FATSO took this category, despite the introduction of a variety of cool new processors. Who can resist the best aspects of analog tape combined with great compression?


(Full Analog Tape Simulator & Optimizer) with Classic Knee Compression is a modern digitally controlled analog device that offers many of the "musical non-linearity's" exhibited by the older tube, class A discrete, and magnetic tape mediums. This two channel audio processor will musically integrate frequencies and transients and increase the apparent volume without actual increase in peak levels.

In addition, two channels of famous Empirical Labs compression are provided. At the last AES show in Los Angeles, producer/engineer Ross Hogarth said "Empirical Labs has done it again!!" CLICK HERE for more details on this exciting new product, or click here to see our new ad that's appearing in the current issue of Mix and Pro Audio Review magazines.


Read the FIELD TEST review in the April 2001 issue of Mix magazine, or go to the April archive at - and check out what they had to say...


"...the FATSO should be considered by users of digital audio systems - DASH, DAWs, or MDMs - who want the perfect unit-to-track through and for use across the stereo bus at mixdown. Analog audio users will find this another quality tool for their arsenal. Anyone who has longed for a 1-inch, analog, 2-track machine should check out a FATSO, as well."

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